by Anna Smirnova

Italian united team:Giorgio Armani 

Image Image

Athletes of Italian team for the Sochi Olympic Games will proudly flaunt the name Giorgio Armani. Classic man of the fashion world is not the first time collaborating with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) – before he wore the Olympic team at Summer Olympics in London, 2012 .
Armani has designed sportswear for athletes in the line which includes blue ski suit , the inner part of which is made with colors of the Italian flag , polo, sweat suit , T-shirt as well as long sleeve, hoodie and jacket on the inner side of which , in the heart area is represented the first stanza of the national Italian anthem written in gold letters.

French united team:Lacoste 


French team this year will wear the brand Lacoste, which developed eight outfits for them. The collection includes suits for men and women – two ceremonial, two official and for everyday wear in the Olympic village . After the competition, the majority of items for men will be sold in  French Lacoste boutiques at a price of 50 euros for the gloves to 220 euros for a sweater . Traditionally, French Olympic clothing was made in native country- this time at the factory in Troyes.
Brand’s designers chose rather a minimalistic approach , creating a tri-color suits in the colors of the national flag , decorated with a small stripe logo as Lacoste.

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