New York Fashion Week Trend Collage

I decided to make this blog post explicitly visual. As fashion week unravels at the moment in New York I wanted to take a look at the trends both on and off the runway. I therefore put together a collage of street fashion and runway fashion for this season’s New York fashion week.


collage10 collage5 collage9collage8collage7  collage4collage6   collage3 collage2 collage1collage13 collage12 collage11collage14

The overall trend seems to point to the sporting of oversize garments.

Low shoes and sneakers also seem to be the latest tendence!

The colors that predominate are pastels as well as shades of white, cream, and beige (which I found quite surprising for winter collections!)

This creates an overall contrast between femininity and masculinity. Sneakers and oversized garments emphasize a boyish look which is perfectly balanced out with girly light and pastel colors.


One thought on “New York Fashion Week Trend Collage

  1. Hello Carla,
    Great idea, but could you use a couple of pictures as an example for trend and under the pictures write what the actual trend is.
    – Madeleine

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