Les 7 péchés capitaux: A hotel signed Chantal Thomass

ImageWalking around in Paris, the city of love, you never know what you might stumble upon. As I was taking an afternoon stroll in the lovely 15th arrondissement, I couldn’t help but notice a large, grey modern building with the letters ‘ Vice Versa’. My curiosity escorted me inside alongside a bright pink rug.  As I entered I felt as though I were taking a giant step into an imaginary world. Unicorn light structures, ostrich feather covered stools, majestic crystal chandeliers and a gigantic wing sculpture dressed the saloon in head to toe white.Image


The man behind the reception desk greeted me with a warm smile and said  “Bienvenu a l’hotel Vice Versa mademoiselle”. I asked if it was possible to boire un café, in the beautiful lobby of the hotel, to absorb and admire the beautiful décor. The waiter kindly took the time to give me a brief background on the concept of this 4 star hotel.Image

French lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass, had the idea of creating the 7 deadly sins in a 7 floor hotel. Each floor of the Vice Versa immerses the client into the world of sin. Thomass designed and decorated the entire establishment, from wallpaper, to drapes to furniture.


By Camille Riviere

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