Illustration VS Photography | Skinny Models Either Way

I am a big fan of fashion illustrations. There is something classic about the way pen and paper can make clothing look like a dream. And the woman in the drawing looks so chic and glamorous!

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.31.40 PM

Fashion Illustration | via The Business of Fashion

Colin McDowell recently penned his thoughts about fashion illustrations and the transition to photography in the 1950-60’s and why we should consider bringing the fashion illustrations back. After reading his carefully pointed view, I couldn’t help but think that either way, the models are still skinny.

It’s a pretty obvious debate that has been going on for years with the fashion industry and advocates for women; The models on the covers and runways are too skinny! So by Colin’s article, does this problem of unnatural/unhealthy body image stem back to the early ages of magazines when fashion illustrations were first used? We could argue that illustrations were the first form of photoshop available back in the day, with models dressed in the latest fashion being drawn for a magazine or collection. Most of the time, the women were drawn straight from the designer’s mind, his vision of what ‘his’ woman would look like dressed in his clothes.


Fashion Illustration | via The Business of Fashion

How can an industry and its followers, whom are so dependent on images and video of the next season’s collections, be transitioned into seeing women of real shapes and sizes? If we follow Colin’s advice and bring back the illustrations, maybe there should be more curved lines instead of straight 🙂

–Eloisa Puentes

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