Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last


Those are highly unexpected – yet quite welcome – words to hear from a fashion designer, especially one as highly regarded as Vivienne Westwood. But Vivienne is no stranger to bucking the trend and rejecting the status quo. After all, the eccentric designer is the one who brought punk to the runways and normalized fetish wear. A known social activist, she is not afraid embrace controversy and use her considerable influence to highlight a wide range of topics while using the runway to make bold political statements, especially her ongoing campaign about climate change and her support for US Soldier Bradley Manning.

Vivienne actually embraces the controversy that often surrounds her, remarking,

“the only possible effect one can have on the world is through unpopular ideas.”

In this video below, she actually goes as far as saying “don’t buy anything” while showcasing that season’s collections (SS13) which incorporated previously used design ideas and a 1950s aesthetic to convey a message of recycling.

It was recently reported that Westwood intends to hold back on business expansion to reconcile her fashion empire with her strong ecological beliefs and her concerns about mass production.  This comes as no surprise since she has been using her brand as a platform to launch a climate revolution for a few years now. And for newbie revolutionaries, she offers a bit of advice in the form of a 10-point checklist —

1. Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. (“I never waste money, I spend it.”—Oscar Wilde.) Maybe you’ll give a donation to an NGO or charity. You can give your support in other ways. Just by following one you will learn a lot, this is support.

2. Quality versus quantity.

3. Buy less, choose well, make it last (we don’t want the “latest thing” just for the sake of it.)

4. Prepare and cook your own food.

5. Cut out plastic.

6. Inform yourselves.

7. Consider the responsibility of not having or having children. Chances of survival will be clear by next Olympics.

8. Take an active part in events of the revolution as it starts to build.

9. Engage in art and culture.

10. Your own idea.


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