Back to Black

To tell you a little bit about myself you first have to know that I am originally from Germany and just moved to the wonderful city of Paris. And I have to say Paris turns out to be a truly marvelous place for me and my wardrobe.

Why for my wardrobe? Well, let’s  just say I don’t really have the most colorful wardrobe in the history of mankind and by that I mean that I just love a happy black or a nice grey. If you should now think that everybody has a lot of black clothes in their closets, let me just say not as much as I do – and yes I also enjoy a colorful black shirt in the summer.


So back in Germany people would always think I was either on my way to a funeral or about to go there. This is slightly different here in Paris, where people seem to love the 50 shades of black. Especially when it comes to coats, jeans and enormous scarves that cover up entire faces. I personally think that is great as people always look very elegant and on top of it all: Who doesn’t love a slimming black in the winter?


The only thing I have to watch out for now is not to move to colorful cities such as Rio or Miami, because let’s be honest I would probably be known as either the most depressed person or the person that just loves to go to funerals. So I think I might just stick around in Paris for a little while and enjoy la élégance.

By Maria Freundlieb

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