H&M: Slowing it Down

H&M has been walking the walk of sustainability for a few years now and later this month, the fast-fashion giant will launch the first products made from the fibers of used clothing collected through its garment recycling initiative, launched in February 2013.

The capsule collection, composed of five classic denim pieces for men and women, is the result of a yearlong program in which the Swedish retailer encouraged customers to donate unwanted clothing to any of its retail locations in all 53 of its markets.

H&M said its short-term goal is to prove it is possible to “close the loop” on textile production by eliminating waste and decreasing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Long-term, it hopes to find a solution for the reuse and recycling of textile fibers.

The line comes on the heels of the retailer’s Conscious Collection of environmentally sustainable clothing.  Launched in 2011, Conscious is a line of clothing made from recycled and organic fibers.

Since making the commitment to sustainability and implementing various other ethical and environmental initiatives, the company has been named the biggest user of organic cotton in the world and is also rising as one of the most sustainable companies in the world.  As for being an industry leader and tackling challenges, Said H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson,

“In order to create lasting improvements, we need to promote systemic change that involves everyone concerned.”

The denim capsule will be available in select stores and online the end of February, while the next Conscious collection will be available later this Spring.

You can read all about H&M’s sustainability measures on their website.

*Portions of this article originally appeared on WWD.com


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