Brazilian Fashion Bloggers on the Rise

As we might all have realized, fashion blogging has become the latest trend. In the past few years bloggers have become crucial in giving us the most rapid access to fashion trends, as well as fashion news. They not only share their personal style, but also give us access to the fashion world in the earthliest of manners, given that they are not celebrities (at least not the kind we see in movies…at least not just yet!)

From the beginning of the blogging phenomenon, the most “famous” participants tended to be either European or American, posting blog-entries in English. These entries were therefore accessible to a large audience, in other words, to the Anglo-Saxon world. In the past year however, with the extraordinary boom  of Instagram, language has become a lesser problem. With this limitation being out of the picture, bloggers from every corner of the world have been given a “voice”, or should I say a photographic space.

As I browsed through the “explore” page on Instagram last year, which shows a selection of the most popular or liked pictures, I began to notice a pattern. Brazilan bloggers were taking over! (the Instagram world that is)

These bloggers and socialites of Sao Paolo were quite the sensation on Instagram! Not only did they have countless followers across social media, but they had apparently really managed to enter the fashion world: attending Fashion Weeks, posing in pictures with designers, and befriending other quite popular fashionistas.

As you can probably tell, I have become quite the fan of these Brasileiras, and now follow a few of them on Intagram myself. What caught my eye about their photographic posts, a characteristic that I personally liked, was their consistent feminine style. Fashion is obviously a continually and rapidly changing industry, where the round toe might replace the pointy toe in a matter of weeks! In and out the door! I find that these girls however have mastered the game… They have managed to stay wonderfully feminine yet extraordinarily stylish at the same time.

Take a look at their most recent posts to see if you agree…


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