No longer reserved for outlaws and sailors, tattoos are becoming not only accepted, but celebrated. Ink is popping up not just on your grungy brother’s arm but increasingly on the rib cage of your favorite waif-like runway model and about every other advertisement if you have a hip magazine in hand. Many artists, designers, and tastemakers have long had art adorned bodies but not until recently has ink spilled on to the catwalk. Is the recent transition from taboo to trendy because people are generally more accepting of tattoos in these modern times or are brands trying too hard to be edgy and current?

Fashion heavyweights (figuratively speaking, of course) like Erin Wasson, Cara Delevigne, Kate Moss, and Freja Beha Erichsen have all been sporting their tattoos in advertisements and campaigns. Small and dainty scripture or overt lions on your fingers, it seems that tattoos are a trend that (literally) won’t be disappearing soon. But before you head to the nearest tattoo shop, remember that ink is an outfit you can’t change tomorrow — make sure they fit!

By: Raye Kreidel

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