Thierry Lasry


Before returning to my studies and beginning my  Master in Communications, I spent a year working at a relatively new and hugely successful family owned brand named Thierry Lasry. Thierry Lasry is a luxury eyewear label that produces beautifully handcrafted sunglasses by exploring the concept of futuristic vintage. Lasry, the designer, combines retro shapes with modern metallic temples, a fusion that creates the sleek and elegant frames that define his brand in every respect. In addition, his creations do not showcase an evident logo, since he believes the quality and uniqueness of the frames are the underlying characteristics; his creations speak for themselves.

Thierry Lasry, owner and designer of his eponymous sunglass line, handpicks vintage acetates from the 80’s every season, and releases a few “vintage” editions within his 11 seasonal models. Being handmade, each piece is unique and often part of a limited edition series.

Lasry initially became famous in Los Angeles, where he has loved to spend his time since he was little and where he managed to develop a good entourage made up of stylists and celebrities. As we all know celebrities love their French designers and especially when they can boast about hand-made! This made Thierry Lasry an instant success in Hollywood where actresses such as Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes, and singers like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna fell instantly under the spell of the 38 year old French Designer.

Lasry has gone on to conquer not only Hollywood but has taken on the rest of the globe as his brand is now being sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Since the brand is aimed at an elite clientele, no advertising

If this sounds interesting to you, you can find out more on or simply visit any of the beautiful and prestigious retail locations where Thierry Lasry is sold: Colette, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys etc.

By Carla Malfatto


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