The Bandage Dress – also known as The Little Dress That Could…

[WARNING: This is going to get sappy]

We have all been there. That day that absolutely nothing fits just right and you feel like a bloated baboon. And you’re in a rush. And you have lost all mix’n’match capabilities. Enter….the bandage dress. Salvation. A distant and often friendlier cousin to the little black dress, the bandage dress is non-judgmental and always ready to go as it requires no ironing or coordination with other pieces of clothing.


[The dress on the runway]

For those of you with absolutely no body issues you might never have heard of the bandage dress so let me put you up to date: it is a tight-fitting dress that appears to be made from multiple thin strips of stretchy cloth sewn together, with the individual strips shaped like bandages. It is now known as body-con, or body conscious. The style was made ubiquitous by designer Herve Leger (his real name is Herve Peugnet) before selling his company to BCBG in 1998. And then it went viral is now knocked off by every retail brand across the world.

Kim K.  Dress Kim Kardashian

So why my love affair? Bandage dresses hug the body and keep all things (breasts, back fat, muffin tops) contained and in check. They look good on absolutely every woman AND they make her feel crazy sexy and so she transmits this self-confidence that only comes by wearing the bandage dress. I meant it, literally this dress is catergory of self-confidence in and of itself. The bandages are meant to be pretty stiff so this can happen – I personally have found that the cheaper the dress the floppier the bandages and hence losing some effect. The flipside to that is if you gain some weight the dress no longer fits. Or it fits and you can’t breathe and then it loses its charms (for obvious reasons such as not being able to stand vertically). Still…the pros clearly outweigh the cons and this is why I believe today’s post deserved to honor the little bandage dress that could (and can) make any woman feel sexy and smooth and above all, self-confident.


Me in a bandage dress at my sister’s wedding. Years of body-image therapy and psychoanalysis solved in a single piece of clothing.

Amanda Timerman

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