Sneakers Fever

Manuela Morales López

´´Shoes are boring, wear sneakers´´is the slogan of Converse, this is how they claim the word sneakers and own it. Anything else you wear on your feet falls in to the ´´shoes´´category and that´s just, boring.

Even haute-couture has fallen into this ´´new´´trend. Karl Lagerfeld in his last fashion show in Paris, made his models walk with sneakers while they were wearing haute-couture dresses. The shoes were made by Massaro, a craftsman that works for Channel. The Chanel house said that sneakers are the perfect way of making their clothes look young and modern. For some, sneakers have replaced dress shoes almost entirely. Lanvin, Prada and Gucci are a few examples of luxury brands who have launched plenty of different types of sneakers in this last few years.

Now, not only men are allowed to wear sneakers, the high tops by Isabel Marant were probably why this ´´sneaker fever´´is now everywhere. But the latest version of Saint Laurent sneakers are going to open a new debate in the world of sneakers. In their new spring – summer collection they came up with the idea of a crazy new design, roler skating sneakersImagen 2

The classic sneakers from the luxury brand are now outfitted with Krypto Impulsive wheels. In conclusion, we could definitely say that shoes are boring, wear sneakers!!.

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