Sass & Bide Reveals Interactive 360-Degree Ad Campaign


Sass & Bide launches the first shoppable, 360-degree ad campaign titled, “Freetown.” After taking a few year hiatus from New York Fashion Week, the brand returned last season. The company also opened a flagship store in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood this past November. Hoping to continue momentum, Sass & Bide take their hand at innovative product promotion for their SS ’14 collection.

The new campaign, starring Brazilian model Aline Weber, can be found on the website, The interactive website gives the user ability to scroll through a 360-degree room and click on different looks that Weber and other cast are wearing. Once the user clicks on the particular article of clothing, the page redirects to a webpage where the look is available for purchase. The print ad is so seamless, it looks as if it is a video with still models.


New York based model turned photographer, Terry Gates discusses how the website is a panorama photo comprised of over 40 images that were intricately pieced together. Gates had been in constant contact with Sass & Bide over the past year while he worked to perfect his panoramic photography skills.

Sass & Bide CEO David Briskin revealed to Fashionista how complicated the process actually was. He said that the company had to coordinate the photography and the online development process to make sure all of the interactive functions were properly accessible. Users need to be able to zoom in on a particular product and then be able to click and immediately buy the look.

“We’re always trying to be innovative in what we do with our product and what we do with our marketing and digital experience,” Briskin said.

In today’s day and age where the Internet is completely saturated with advertising and targeted towards consumption, it is crucial that companies do what they can to stand apart. Interactive and innovative promotion appears to be a growing trend among fashion companies. It is an engaging way to pique interest and encourage users to purchase.

By Alexa Pizzi

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