Chloe or Foxy

Can you guess which one is my dog chloe and which one is Mr. Fox?


The inspiration to my post is my number one fan, Chloe. She is a 6 year old Shiba Inu I bought in Paris.  I get asked at least twice a week if she’s a fox. The reason I point out her undeniable resemblance to her wild cousin is because all year around I see young girls walking around with fur coats, fur hats, fur gloves ect… These same girl who usually compliment how cute she is are the very one’s wearing what could essentially be Chloe.


 I believe that one of the main reasons people still wear fur is because they dont know where it comes from. After meeting with PETA and viewing graphic undercover footage of fur farms in China, Ralph Lauren decided to go fur free.

Ignorance is NOT bliss.

There are huge varieties of exceptionally good quality faux fur available today. Check out these incredible faux fur looks.


There is no denying that fur will always portray an image of elegance, of richness and of sophistication but today the respect for our environment should be prioritized over causing sufferance. We need to starts spreading the word, from fashion students to retailers, to show alternatives ways of creating fur looks without fur cruelty.


By Camille Riviere

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