Cartier: Shine bright like a diamond


Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. And if that is the case, Cartier was one of the first man to understand it. The Grand Palais is currently exposing 600 exceptional pieces from the jeweler. The only light in the room comes from the most beautiful ornaments, crowns, and other jewels that sparkles. From Marie-Antoinette to China through Art Deco and Russia, the Cartier exhibit is a journey through the various source of inspiration of the Cartier style. Since December 4th, the Grand Palais presents the largest exhibition ever devoted to Cartier. Perhaps overshadowed by the fame of the name and the sparkle of the diamonds, the complex history of the great jewelry house remains unknown.


Founded in 1847, the house of the man they called “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers” has since its establishment created a heritage of luxury that has captivated the world. From the Maharajah to the Queen of England, and American heiresses and other movie stars, all the jewelry, but also watches, everyday objects, as well as dresses displayed at the Grand Palais demonstrates the unique “savoir faire” of Cartier.


Dazzling, the exhibition divulges more then a century of fashion and styles. Though these pieces remain priceless, visitors of the Cartier exhibit come out of their journey with stars in their eyes…

By: Anne-Sophie Bach

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