Au Revoir, Cathy Horyn


It’s hard to believe but Cathy Horyn’s time with the New York Times is coming to an end. It was announced at the end of the last week that she would be resigning to spend time with her ailing partner, Art Ortenberg. This has left many wondering what will become of the Styles section and who, if anyone in the fashion journalist world will be able to take her place.

As a journalist, Horyn is appreciated for her brutally honest reviews that in the past have had the ability to bruise some designer’s pride. But she says what needs to be said, something that most fashion journalists are not seasoned in saying. As mentioned on The Business of Fashion’s announcement of Horyn’s departure, “Too much fashion writing is fluffy drivel concerned with front-row attendees and the “hottest new trends.’” It is true and Horyn was not afraid to challenge the designers and push them a little harder with their creations. Without her brutally honest opinions, nothing would change.

And so while some designers might be secretly, or not so secretly, pleased to hear of Horyn’s unexpected departure from the Times, there are many, including myself who will miss her presence in the front row. She is certainly a talented critic, one who is not afraid to share her opinion. A trait that at times has been received with a not-so-warm welcome, especially in this industry.

Alessandra Trifero

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