Altuzarra: Fiercely Feminine


Joseph Altuzarra knows a thing or two about a woman’s power.

Every woman knows that above all else, wearing strength and confidence is the ultimate essence of style. Perhaps what makes Altuzarra’s designs so appealing is his connectedness to these ideals, and his desire to nurture the modern woman’s fierce femininity.

The result is a synergy of sophistication and sexy exemplified by tailored cuts and draped dresses, inspiring a comparison to Tom Ford, the designer’s idol.


Personally, I have a vested appreciation for designers like Altuzarra who support a woman’s ability to power dress. Encouraging a woman to show her authority, edge, and sexiness reflects her empowered choice to display her strength through her clothes. Sure enough, these themes are apparent in the trajectory of Altuzarra’s collections, in which his commitment to making women feel modern, seductive, and sexy is manifested.


While Altuzarra sites his multicultural upbringing as his primary influence (he was born to a Chinese mother and a French father), what I’d love to know more about Altuzzara is how his Asian roots play a part in his decisions as a designer. He has mentioned in a previous interview that his mother is his greatest supporter; I am curious to know if his vision for the modern, strong woman is in large part, inspired by her. And if so, how? How do his two cultures mold his ideas of womanhood and power?


As an Asian-American woman craving more vocal and diverse representations of Asian culture in creative spaces such as fashion, I hope Altuzarra opens the doorways to this side of his heritage. With any luck, maybe the story will unfold on the runway for all to see.

By: Ruby Veridiano

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