Women’s Tales

If you are anything like me you have been meaning to go for the longest time but still have not quite made it yet over to the Venice International Film Festival that takes place every summer . As I dedicate endless hours to googling all things visual I came across the two latest Miu Miu films which premiered at the festival this past summer as part of the Women’s Tales series, a series of short films commissioned by Miuccia Prada to encourage the work of female film directors. This is an innovative and creative way for female perspective to take center-stage, as well as use fashion to look into social/political/cultural ideas while always beating to a creative narrative. It is also a very discreet (?!) way to publicize upcoming collections through product placement throughout the films.
The first one The Door directed by Ava Du Vernay became a little repetitive and started to feel a bit Sex and the City-ish. But the second one Le Donne della Vucciria directed by Hiam Abbass. I found it strong and empowering and romantic and sad and exciting all at the same time if it is even possible to feel all that at once. I love the marionettes and the pastiche of La Dolce Vita, I almost expected director/dancer Hiam Abbass to jump into the fountain at any given moment. The music was brilliant and a refreshing change to everything Costes-soundtrack that is all I feel I ever hear anymore. I find it interesting to note that it speaks to a sea change in the forms of fashion production – European artisan work losing out to manufacturers abroad. The film emphasizes the value of craftmanship and effort and seems to reflect upon the image Prada and Miu Miu try to give.

Amanda Timerman


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