Street Style: Skewed?


When searching for the latest up and coming trends, I like to take to the streets.  Having previously lived in Manhattan, I found this amazing city to be the breeding ground for trends. There is nothing that I enjoy more than people watching and taking note of what passersby’s are wearing.


But as of late, I have come to notice that fashion houses are realizing the value of street style, and are using their power to skew what we see on the streets. The PR teams are now using street style as a mode of publicity by mixing their high-end, not- so- street-style looks into the crowd, hoping to capture the attention of bloggers and fashion journalists. This ultimately devalues the concept of street style and its ability to forecast the latest trends to the masses when particular trends and styles are deliberately placed there for all to see. While in many ways this is brilliant marketing for the big fashion houses, how does it affect the value behind street style? Is this no longer a reliable source for spotting trends? I would say that it still is a valuable source, but that as an observer, one needs to use caution when taking note of what they see on the streets.



Alessandra Trifero

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