Fashion Rio


Having been raised in Europe for most of my life, I learnt to appreciate French and Italian fashion from quite a young age. When fashion was mentioned in a conversation, the first image that appeared in my mind was that of beautiful hand-made Italian shoes and elegant French haute couture designs.

A few years ago however, I was able to experience a whole different world of fashion, that of Brazilian fashion. I happened to be on vacation with high school friends in the breathtakingly beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. One of my friends present on the trip was attending Instituto Marangoni at the time and was completely captivated by and immersed in fashion and all that it entailed. She told me she absolutely had to attend Fashion Rio and asked me to accompany her. I quite willingly accepted the invitation…

Looking back at the experience, it was radically different from any other Fashion Week that I would later be fortunate enough to attend. I have attended a few shows during several Paris Fashion Weeks and always follow other Fashion Weeks through the Internet and social media. Fashion Rio however was completely different…

Naturally the event was significantly smaller than official fashion weeks (New York, Milan, London, Paris) but it was also much more “underground.” The venue was an unused hangar that had been transformed into a large and minimalist white space. Not only was the venue extremely original but the clothing was just as innovative and infused with life and vibrant color. Fashion Rio is mainly dedicated to bathing suits and beach apparel; so what better place than Rio de Janeiro to celebrate beach beauty?

By Carla

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