Yves Saint Laurent, One Biopic Three Reasons To Go See It


One of the most anticipated movies of the year is the biopic of the great Yves Saint Laurent! Directed by Jalil Lespert, Yves Saint Laurent is embodied by the young and talented french actor Pierre Niney. YSL cannot be portrayed without his great love, Pierre Bergé played by Guillaume Gallienne. What is there not to love about this movie? It is definitely a must-see! Here are three reasons why:


A performance:

Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne remarkably embody this power couple who reigned and remain a reference in the fashion industry. Pierre Niney’s gestures and physical traits come incredibly close to Yves Saint Laurent’s very own personality, traits…his essence. The young french actor truly brings Yves Saint Laurent back to live in an astounding performance.


A revelation:

Jalil Lespert’s biopic gives the audience the way into Yves Saint Laurent’s intimacy and life as he becomes on of the most important and influent designer of all times. It’s a close and personal encounter with the iconic power couple and their complicated love and passionate affair. Both personalities of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger are brought to light even through their darkest times. One has the impression of being part of this passion that seems to come to life once again for the pleasure of the audience. Yves Saint Laurent is depicted as faithfully as possible to his true self and nothing is left unsaid: drugs, passion, depression, abuse…everything is revealed.


Back to YSL’s roots:

This biopic is a great way for people to remember that before Saint Laurent Paris by Hedi Slimane was a very influent fashion house. Hedi Slimane has greatly changed the direction of the brand and to a certain extent modified the brand’s DNA as his mission was to rejuvenate the parisian fashion house. The biopic brings one back to the brand’s very roots and reason of being. One discovers how the fashion house came into being and how it evolved to be the great name it is today.

By: Anne-Sophie Bach

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