Men’s Fashion Week Closing Party: My Unique Experience as an Outsider


The dynamic of Men’s Fashion Week, as we all know, is very different from that of Women’s. It is not only considerably smaller, but has also not received as much attention as the earth-shattering Women’s Fashion Week that demands the presence and interaction of people from all over the world.

As a young woman living in Paris I am lucky enough to be armed with a “gay best friend” (Yes, it is in inverted commas because I feel it has almost become a term nowadays). On this particular occasion, the end of Men’s Fashion Week, the perk of having a gay best friend gave me the opportunity to take a brief look inside a rather new world for me, through the closing party of this season’s runway shows.

Not knowing exactly what to expect, I threw on one of my trendier outfits and made my way to Palais de Tokyo’s Yoyo Club, the venue of the event. I went prepared and equipped with my best friend, an habitué and invité of this party, as well as with my boyfriend. Little did I know that this party would be a milieu for not only fashion designers such as Rick Owens, Olivier Rousteing, and Riccardo Tisci, and important personas of the fashion world such as Catherine Baba, but also a meeting-point for the rather extravagant men of Paris’ fashion world. This obviously made for a very unique experience….

Arriving at the exceptionally crowded door of the scene, under the worst possible meteorological conditions, I thought to myself “Oh no! This night will end before it even got a chance to begin!”. But luckily enough, after waiting for a good 15 minutes amidst a crowd of agitated and overexcited males, I was fortunate enough to enter. And not only did I enter; I entered right behind…Ta Da…Rick Owens and his team! Yes the designer himself, lucky me. As we made our way inside the club, I discovered a fun atmosphere filled with music and dance. As I analyzed the club a little further however, I found that I was one of the very..very..very few women inside it. The night was indeed virtually missing a “Men’s Only” sign at the entrance. This meant that the rarity of a heterosexual couple inside the club automatically made my boyfriend and I the center of attention. Who would have thought a straight couple could ever feel so special? We were not only approached and complimented by countless men at the party, we were also photographed by a friendly couple of lingerie designers who asked us to model their clothes!

Moral of the story:

What one may think of as the worst idea possible (taking your heterosexual boyfriend to a gay party) might turn out to be quite genius! Thanks to the unexpected turnout, I got quite a few business cards and some useful contacts from the fashion industry!

By Carla Malfatto

Room Service

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