When comfort meets couture

Who can pass by the accession of the sportswear during these recent years? Sneakers are found on all silhouettes in the city… as well as on the catwalk!

Fashionistas from all around the world have put away their heels in the closet in favor of a much more comfortable- and unexpected ally, the sneaker. If previously the models favored by fashionistas remained very sporty (the Nike Free became a must in all closets), the situation could well change if we are to believe the shows that took place during Paris Fashion Week.

Last week, Dior got the ball rolling by creating surprise: Raf Simons, the creative director of the luxury brand, made his models parade on the catwalk with embellished slippers with flowers or stars details.


A slip-on sneaker for Dior

The next day, Chanel- thanks to Karl Lagerfeld’s endless imagination and the it-top Cara Delevigne, confirmed this “haute couture” sneakers trend. This time the shoes were made with tweed, python or laced fabric. According to an article in  L’Express, nearly 30 hours of work were needed to create them in the workshops of luxury shoemaker Massaro.


Haute couture sneaker according to Chanel worn by bankable Cara Delavigne

The introduction of sneakers in these shows confirms a radical trend and succeeds to the return of Adidas’ iconic Stan Smith, announced early on this month. The three-striped label made the decision to restart the production of its worshiped footwear and to decline it in 4 exclusive leathers: cracked, untreated leather ostrich effect leather or python, while keeping its original green and white color codes.


An ostrich leather effect for a classy casual look

A street style must or a luxury caprice, one thing is for sure, the tops are not going to be the ones to complain !

– Sara Kramer

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