I heard rumblings about a new fragrance from Amsterdam based fashion duo, Viktor & Rolf that would debut during their couture show at the end of Paris Couture Week. So excited to learn my sources were right.

Viktor & Rolf Unveil Bonbon Fragrance | Photo via Getty Images

Viktor & Rolf Unveil Bonbon Fragrance | Photo via Getty Images

As with most couture shows, its no longer just about the clothes. Couture is an expensive industry with a small market, so up and coming designers looking to break out into the couture world should really think twice. The couture show has become a stage to unveil something new from designers, like Chanel and their $4,000 sneaker. Or in Viktor & Rolf’s case, an affordable perfume.

Perfumes don’t seem like such a big deal, especially for consumers who can purchase them for $100 for a 3.4 oz. bottle. But when it comes back to the business behind the perfume, the industry is huge with billions of dollars in revenue.

Some of the biggest perfumes on the market being pushed are Chanel N5 with miss Marilyn Monroe, Miss Dior with leading lady Natalie Portman, and J’Adore Dior with Charlize Theron.

So going back to Viktor & Rolf, Bonbon (so good they named it twice) is a delicious scent of candied caramel and fruits, hence the play on words, bon-bon meaning candy and sweets. The fragrance will hit selected stores in March this year, debuting specifically in Viktor & Rolf’s flagship store in Paris.

This is not the duo’s first perfume. Their first, Flowerbomb, debuted nearly 9 years ago; which is almost half a century ago in fashion years :)

— Eloisa Puentes

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